Occupied business premises

Purchase / sale of occupied business premises

Business premises are buildings whose operation is dedicated to industrial production and/or storage. Its functions and size enable it to carry out them in one and the same place. A business premises is very often divided into several parts to enable it to fulfil all its functions (production, logistics, sales, etc.). Business premises represent an important investment and over the long term, it is therefore the target of very financially solid players. There are some fairly common practices such as renting one of the parts of the premises to an external company in order to relieve the company's costs.

Occupied business premises or occupied business parks attract investors because they represent several interests. First of all it is a very profitable market, as mentioned before, a large amount of money is committed, so it promises an appreciable profitability. Finally, it allows the investor to recover more charges from the tenant.
There are several business premises available for sale. These include occupied logistics warehouses, occupied business parks with several leased business premises or various industrial premises.

Whether you are selling or buying a business park, a logistics warehouse or a mixed-use business and office building, we can advise you on the valuation and disposal/acquisition of your assets.

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