Occupied buildings

Purchase / sale of occupied properties

An occupied building is a building which, by definition, is built on several floors. It is said to be occupied because it is occupied by one or more tenants. The nature of the tenant(s) varies enormously. Indeed, buildings can include all kinds of assets. For example, a business at the foot of a building and residential accommodation at the other levels. This is a diversification of risk in the context of a mixed building between a shop at the foot of the building and a variety of flat types.

Buying an occupied building makes it possible to own a large number of lots in a single property and therefore represents a significant investment. Occupied buildings dedicated to businesses are quite common, with in particular occupied office buildings or specialised buildings such as senior residences. The sale of occupied property complexes and therefore several occupied buildings at the same time is also a fairly common practice, particularly with senior residences or EPHADs. The advantage of a building for an investor is that he will seek to own property in full ownership so as not to be confronted with the various disadvantages imposed by co-ownership and buying a fully occupied building allows him to be the sole decision-maker on the entire building. This allows him to optimise his expenses and investments as he wishes. Buying in large quantities allows for economies of scale. Indeed, as in most markets, buying a park with a large surface area makes it possible to reduce the price per m2 compared to a smaller plot.

The location of the property, as with most other assets, remains the priority. Indeed, the proximity to transport, shops, schools, car parks ... allows a high rent even if the price empathizes with a higher price than a remote property, it is a guarantee of security because the supply is very large so there is a very low rental vacancy.

Discover the other types of assets in your agency Murs occupés :

- Occupied commercial walls
- Occupied offices
- Occupied business premises
- Occupied health premises

We intervene on the sale of walls of occupied / rented buildings in France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. We can study the files and propose them to our developer portfolio, keeping the files confidential to ensure the continuity of the business.

If you are a developer of a new brand, come and tell us about your needs in terms of location.

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