Rental management Occupied walls

The purchase of occupied walls is an investment. Indeed, the buyer will be looking to invest his money and occupied walls is one of the many investment levers. The principle of occupied walls is to buy commercial walls, buildings, offices, business premises, etc. already occupied by one or more tenants. This necessarily represents a major advantage since there is no rental vacancy with a tenant who already pays the rent, so there is no need to look for one, no need to draw up the lease, etc. Managing a tenant takes a considerable amount of time in both residential and professional real estate. Indeed, managing one's own rental property takes a great deal of time and for an investor time is a scarce resource. This is why your Murs occupés agency offers to manage the rental management of your property(s).

Why entrust the rental management of your property?

As explained above, this represents a real time-saver for the investor, who will no longer have to worry about a tenant's day-to-day problems. In addition to saving time, it allows the investor to concentrate on his business and his interests, leaving the management of your property to a qualified professional.

What is included in the rental management of your occupied premises?

Your Murs occupés agency undertakes to manage rents and charges and therefore to follow up with tenants, the payment of co-ownership charges, management of unpaid rent, maintenance of the property with, in particular, the management of technical problems (routine or exceptional work), monitoring of the lease by a professional and the completion of the inventory of fixtures on leaving the property.

How much does rental management cost?

The price of rental management is based on a percentage of the rent. This percentage is indexed to the rent and is paid directly by the tenant. The percentage is 5% exclusive of tax.

We provide tenant relations management, legal and administrative management, budget and financial management, and technical management.

In detail, we primarily ensure the collection of rents as well as the re-editing of accounts, the valuation of your assets, the monitoring of your investment, the improvement of your profitability, the monitoring of any works, the marketing of vacant surfaces, or the management of leases.

We are able to make proposals for the optimisation and development strategy for your occupied premises or for the choice of brands to be set up if necessary.

Visit the website of our partner Courcier Immobilier for more information in the rental management section.

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