Workplace where activity is centred on the production, processing and transfer of information. This is a very special type of asset, not least because the requirements in terms of location are fundamentally different. Indeed, it is not a commercial site and therefore does not involve direct sales. This means that the interest of a commercial showcase is nil because the objective is not to bring back customers. The objectives of the location of the offices is that it should be ideally situated but from an employee point of view and in particular the fact that it should be accessible to everyone by transport for example and large enough to accommodate all employees. This means that there are fewer marketing constraints: no need for shelving, no need to look for visibility, only a space that can accommodate all employees while guaranteeing them sufficient working space, but also located in a city accessible by transport and large enough to be equidistant from its employees. Offices are often divided into sectors of activity and in particular the various trades they house, such as administrative services or after-sales service.
Offices are often associated with a warehouse or even commercial premises, as this allows the operator to bring together its various services in a single location. These sites can be sold on a cut-to-size basis with, for example, just the offices in a warehouse, which allows for a varied range of offices.

The price of offices varies according to the location in a town, the town in question, the interior equipment, the condition, the size, whether or not they are shared... Like all occupied properties, occupied offices mean that the buyer does not have to look for tenants and therefore does not have to look for rental holidays. Occupied offices are one of the most sought after investments by investors thanks to the attractive profitability of occupied offices but also the flexibility of the premises which allows companies to adapt their activity to the location but also on the buyer's side, the flexibility of the offices allows when the tenant leaves to be able to rework the distribution and surfaces and perhaps according to the size divide the parts to have several tenants and thus reach more people and divide the risk by the number of tenants however these works represent a cost, an additional investment.

If you own offices in a business district such as La Défense, Sophia-Antipolis, Lyon Part Dieu, in Paris or in major French, Swiss or Belgian cities, and you would like to carry out an appraisal or arbitration, we can help you with your real estate project.

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