Commercial walls

Purchase / sale of occupied commercial walls

Occupied commercial walls are establishments accessible to the public where a business is held. These shops are considered to be occupied since the owner of the walls is not the operator. One of the major factors in investing in occupied shop premises is the choice of location, which depends on the following criteria: visibility, competition, price, flow, accessibility, etc.

Like all occupied walls and especially occupied commercial walls, occupied commercial walls have an advantage. Indeed, the profitability in this area is important and the value of the shop will depend on the tenant, the investor will not have to inject cash into the business of the operator. Also, the lease that governs the relationship between the owner and tenant allows the owner to apply the co-ownership, maintenance, rental charges and work charges to the operator's account and not to the owner's account.

There are a multitude of shops that can be sold occupied, below is a non-exhaustive list of occupied shops: rented pharmacy, occupied bakery, occupied butcher's shop, occupied restaurant, occupied real estate agency, occupied food shop, occupied clothing shop, occupied cellar, occupied bar and tobacco shop, rented laundry, occupied luxury shop, occupied jewellery shop, occupied shopping centre and all other occupied shops.
The purchase of shop premises is a well known rental investment and the advantage of buying an occupied shop is that the new owner does not have to look for a tenant as he is already present in the premises when the property is purchased which means no rental holidays and earns money from the first month's rent. In addition to this, there is the advantage of not having to look for a tenant, which necessarily takes time and less hassle with the paperwork, particularly the drafting of the lease or negotiations with the new tenants. In fact, the tenant is committed by means of a commercial lease, i.e. for 9 years with the possibility of cancelling it every 3 years, thus guaranteeing for a certain period of time to collect the rents every month. The current market offers opportunities to retailers with the increase in the importance of phygital, a fully equipped premises will therefore have a particular value in the eyes of investors.

There is a market trend in small areas, especially due to the numerous building sections, but also with the trend of e-commerce and delivery, storage within the commercial walls is increasingly limited, so we have a strong demand for this type of property in location n°1 or 1bis.

If you own a business, a shop in the town centre or a retail park in a No. 1 or 1bis location in France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg, and you would like to have the value of your walls or property for sale appraised, contact Murs Occupés to help you.

Our client portfolio is made up of around 400 active purchasers who are investors capable of making an offer quickly on occupied walls.

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