• sale and leaseback

    Sale and leaseback

    This is a real estate process known in France as "cession-bail", the principle of which is to sell the premises of one's business while maintaining its activity. One thus goes from owner of the premises to tenant.

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  • invest in nursery buildings

    Investing in nursery buildings

    In France, the shortage of crèche places has been growing for several years and the increasing number of missing places has led the state to act through a recovery plan. The aim of the latter was to encourage companies and investors to open private crèches. Although the opening of a crèche is not an easy task given the regulations surrounding this category of premises (ERP), which are very strict and subject to important safety standards. The state's recovery plan consists of subsidising these private establishments per "cradle" if they meet the conditions to help them get started but above all to attract attention to this sector of activity. The objective is to offer a minimum of 75,000 additional places between 2020 and 2025.

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  • cartoon trade

    How to calibrate the effort rate for a business ?

    DefinitionThe effort rate is the ratio between the rent and charges (co-ownership charges and property tax in particular) and the turnover generated by the exploitation in the property, object of the rent.How to calibrate the effort rate for a business?The effort rate is generally below 10%, especially for non-food businesses.On the other hand, for the trades whose location is essential, the effort rate can increase beyond 15%, and in particular for the catering trades, catering or hospitality.For...

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  • Directional panel

    Which city should I choose for my rental investment ?

    Some investors no longer ask this question because they have an existing investment model or property portfolio in a particular city and do not wish to diversify.Nevertheless, many of you are still open to all horizons.We give you some things to consider before choosing your investment location.You should observe the demographic evolution, in many cases this will be positive, as the population tends to increase in urban areas, this will be an asset for you, as this "market tension", a ratio between...

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  • House Keys

    Why doesn't the tenant invest in his premises ?

    You are looking to invest in occupied walls, you tell yourself that you have found the right deal and you do not understand why the tenant did not exercise his right of first refusal (only in the case of a separate lot).The tenant or lessee operates a business, the walls are only a tool for him.His priority is to invest in his business, which generally gives him a higher return than real estate, he improves the value of his business.The tenant also seeks to remain flexible and may need to move to...

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  • Curve of parts

    Invest in your own name or in a company ?

    We are concerned here with the method of ownership of the property.There are mainly two methods of holding your future occupied walls: in your own name or in a company.Invest in your own nameYou do not create a company and directly buy the property personally for 100% or in joint possession.Income then enters your tax return and is taxed according to your personal tax situation.The advantage in this case is that your capital gain at the time of the transfer is subject to the regime of capital gains...

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  • House

    Residential or commercial real estate ?

    When investing in occupied walls, you have different classes of assets available to you: residential (houses, apartments, buildings) or business (commerce, activities, offices, hotels ...). You can invest in both categories, but generally everyone stays at home, residential investors do not invest in commercial real estate and vice versa. Let's see the differences.

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  • Restaurant table

    Should we invest in the walls occupied by a restaurant ?

    There are many announcements of sale of walls occupied by a restaurant, and even more of sale of funds.Like the article “should we invest in the walls occupied by a bank?”, What are the risks and especially the opportunities to have a restaurant as a tenant?Catering is one of the sectors where there is “margin”, if the volume (number of covers) is there. The activity still has a bright future ahead, as the uberization of the economy turns into an opportunity to deliver to customers at home, but there...

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  • Cartoon Bank

    Should we invest in occupied bank walls ?

    Formerly, a rental investment favored by small and large investors, the bank was a “signature”. It offered the security of a large group and the stability of a sustainable activity.Times have changed and banking with it is in competition from all sides, firstly by online banking, secondly by the low interest rate environment which complicates its profitability on its retail banking activity but also by multitude of operations that can be done online or by the rise of brokers over the past few years.So...

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  • Bulb

    How to value a commercial property ?

    DefinitionThe business is a set of elements to attract customers, it is made up of intangible and tangible elements.The intangible elements are in particular: the brand, the trade name, the customer portfolio, the staff, the patents, the brands, the software and the right to lease.The physical elements are the material and the goods.How to value a commercial property ?The goodwill is generally valued on the turnover, its percentage varies between 40 and 120%, which is very wide, we observe more generally...

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