Cartoon Bank

Should we invest in occupied bank walls ?

Formerly, a rental investment favored by small and large investors, the bank was a “signature”. It offered the security of a large group and the stability of a sustainable activity.

Times have changed and banking with it is in competition from all sides, firstly by online banking, secondly by the low interest rate environment which complicates its profitability on its retail banking activity but also by multitude of operations that can be done online or by the rise of brokers over the past few years.

So should you invest in walls occupied by a bank? If yes...

If the location is good of course, either the bank will remain because it maintains a neighborhood activity in areas with high interest, all the agencies will not disappear, or it will return the premises for internal reasons, reorganization ... etc but the location makes it easy to find a new quality tenant, see our article on "How to define a good commercial location?"

Remember to study the market rental value to calculate your return (see article on “How to calculate a return”) in the event of the tenant's departure.


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