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Which city should I choose for my rental investment ?

Some investors no longer ask this question because they have an existing investment model or property portfolio in a particular city and do not wish to diversify.

Nevertheless, many of you are still open to all horizons.

We give you some things to consider before choosing your investment location.

You should observe the demographic evolution, in many cases this will be positive, as the population tends to increase in urban areas, this will be an asset for you, as this "market tension", a ratio between a low variation in supply and a high demand, will reduce the rental vacancy and your property and will influence the increase in rents. Be careful, however, as purchase prices in these areas are already high.

You should also look at the transport links to the area in general and to your investment property in particular, as well as at future development projects. The arrival of the TGV, for example, will increase the value of your investment.

You should also look at indicators such as: the employment rate, purchasing power, the number of students and schools present, particularly if you are investing in residential property (a studio for example), or the rental vacancy rate if you are investing in occupied commercial premises.

Finally you should always ask yourself the question of location, see our article on how to define a good commercial location.

We provide you in the tab invest in of our site, a series of cities with its main information, do not hesitate to consult it and to give us other ideas of cities that we could add.


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