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Geography and population

Located in Ile-de-France in the Hauts-de-Seine (92) department, Boulogne-Billancourt has a municipal population of 120,071. The city has a strategic position because it is located between Paris and its suburbs which makes it a city of transit. Its neighboring cities are Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris Javel, Paris Auteuil, Saint Cloud, Sèvres and Meudon.


The city gives access to the A13 via its periphery as well as the national quays road connecting it to the national 118. The city is also served by two lines of the Paris metro network as well as by the company Autobus which set up more than 30 lines to better serve the city. The city has also set up self-service transport, the Vélib and Autolib, the first of which was followed by the installation of a bicycle path within Boulogne.


Boulogne is one of the largest economic centers in Ile-de-France. Indeed, Boulogne offers a different setting from the other major hubs in the area with numerous parks and neighboring relaxation area, Boulogne thus offers a more family-friendly setting. The 5 most exploited sectors are business service, trade, personal service, education and health and real estate.


Boulogne is a city with a very developed trade, indeed the boulevard Jean Jaurès offers 2 km of trade, one also finds the market of Boulogne. A nautical shopping center has also opened on part of the Alphonse-Le Gallo quay. There are many head offices or branches of world-renowned companies in the Boulogne center.


There are 16 nursery schools and 12 primary schools in Boulogne. There are also 6 public establishments with 4 middle schools and 2 high schools to which are added private establishments, three in number. The city
is also involved in higher education, including ESSCA, a business school with an international reputation, or the management school, the BEM Management School.

Real Estate

The average commercial rent in Boulogne-Billancourt amounts to € 401 m2 / year while the average rent for a private individual will amount to € 336 m2 / year. For offices, the average rent is € 313 m2 per
year, while at purchase there is an average price per m2 of 7,575.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 19 hotels in Boulogne for an average nightly cost of € 86. We also have 441 restaurants with an average price of a meal at 24 €.


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