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Geography and population

Evreux is the prefecture of the department of Eure (27) in Normandy. There is a municipal population of 47,733 and the urban area is populated by 120,916 people. Its neighboring municipalities are: Huest, Fauville, Le Viel-Evreux, Guichainville, Angerville-la-Campagne, Aviron, Gravigny, Arnières-sur-Iton, Saint-Sébastien-de-Morsent, Gauville-la-Campagne and Parville.


Evreux is connected to many cities thanks to a large number of departments to which the city is connected, moreover a few kilometers we find the A13 motorway. The city also has a train station allowing it to be connected to the big cities around. A bus network has been set up crisscrossing the city on 9 lines to which is added the shuttle network circulating in the city center. Regarding the air route, the air base is dedicated to military exchanges and is therefore not available to the general public.


The city is established in pharmaceutical production and research as well as in book printing and publishing.


The city has a Carrefour Grand Evreux shopping center and an extended pedestrian shopping street. There are a multitude of shops and traders in the streets of the city center. We also find the headquarters of atlas editions.


Evreux has 8 colleges and 7 high schools and many higher schools such as the University of Rouen. Training as an architect is particularly renowned in Evreux. The city is one of the student cities where life is good and where the setting is rather dynamic. 

Real Estate

A merchant wishing to settle in Evreux will have to count on an average commercial rent of € 209 m2 / year.
The rent for an individual will amount to an average of € 144 m2 / year. The average rent for an office is € 136 m2 / year.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 12 hotels there whose average budget per night is € 52. There are also 139 restaurants where the average meal budget is € 15.


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