City of la Défense

Invest in La Défense

Geography and population

Located in Ile-de-France in the Hauts-de-Seine (92) department, La Défense has a population of around 25,000. It is partly built on the cities of Courbevoie, Puteaux, Nanterre and Garenne-Colombes.
First business district in number of m² of offices, second in volume of financial business after the City in London and fourth business district in the world for its attractiveness.


The development of the business district has been enabled by the quality and quantity of modes of transport.
In fact, you can get there by the A13 and A14 motorways, but especially by public transport: metro line 1, tram T2, Paris Saint-Lazare transilien, 16 bus lines and the RER A.


La Défense is a business district with more than 3.7 million m² of offices for 2,950 companies, including fifteen of the 50 first national ones. 180,000 people work there every day.


La Défense has a shopping center called Les 4 temps. It is the first in France in attendance with nearly 50 million visitors and the first also for its turnover with a little less than a billion euros in front of Velizy 2, and finally the second in surface behind Belle Epine.


45,000 students are present at La Défense.

Real Estate

The average individual's rent at La Défense amounts to € 348 m2 / year, while the average office rent at La Défense will amount to € 430 m2 / year.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 2,600 hotel rooms at an average nightly cost of € 81. There are also 275 restaurants at the average cost of a meal of € 13.


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