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Population and geography

Lausanne, the fourth most populous city in Switzerland after Zurich, Geneva and Basel, it is located on the north shore of Lake Geneva, it has a strategic position in Europe, since it is a crossroads between France, Italy and the 'Germany.
Its municipal population is 146,032 inhabitants in 2019 and is part of an urban area composed of a population of 420,757 inhabitants in 2018.


Ideally located, Lausanne is served by two motorways: A1 and A9.
The urban transport network of the agglomeration is made up of 35 bus lines making it one of the densest networks in Europe and a boat service, two metro lines.
A free bike network is also available.
The rail network is not to be outdone, Lausanne is connected to the cities of Paris, Milan, Friborg, Bern, Geneva and Saint Maurice.
The city also has an airport serving the cities of Paris and London.


The Lausanne region is particularly dynamic, its cross-border nature is a major factor.
Philip Morris International and Nestlé subsidiary Nespresso have set up their headquarters there.


The city has a commercial city center.


The city has more than fifty places of education including several universities of applied sciences.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 300 restaurants in which the average budget is 23 €. In addition, there are hotels with an average cost of € 150 per night.


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