City of Luxembourg

Invest in Luxembourg

Population and geography

Luxembourg, ideally located between France, Belgium and Germany, it is at the heart of Northern Europe.
Its population is 602,005 inhabitants in 2018, which makes it one of the smallest sovereign nations in Europe.


Luxembourg's motorway network is very dense and of excellent quality.
The urban transport network of the agglomeration is made up of bus lines, a Tramway line and a funicular.
The rail network links Luxembourg to Paris by TGV via Metz and Thionville.
The city also has an international airport and a river cargo port.


Luxembourg’s economy is flourishing, with the highest GDP per capita in the world.
The main activity sectors are: industry with the steel industry, finance, tourism also with its renowned gastronomy among others, the digital economy, logistics due to its location and finally research and innovation.


The city is home to many shops making it a very attractive city center. The city is also one of the most pleasant to live in the world (19th).


Luxembourg has a very large higher education offer, notably through its universities.

Real Estate

Office rental averages € 564 m2 / year in Luxembourg.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 2,500 restaurants in which the average budget is € 17. In addition, there are 3563 rooms whose night costs on average 110 €.


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