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Geography and population

Montpellier is the prefecture of the Hérault department. It is the seventh most populous city in France, with 285,121 inhabitants and a population in the urban area of ​​607,896 inhabitants. Montpellier is a major transit route since it connects with Spain, moreover the city is located less than ten kilometers from the Mediterranean.


Again, Montpellier connects Spain so it is connected to major French highways such as the A9 and A709.
Through the TAM company, the city is equipped on a large scale, there are in particular 4 tram lines crisscrossing the city. There are also 36 bus lines, as well as self-service bikes and cars. The city has two stations, one of which is historic since it was one of the first French in the 19th century. These stations allow the city to have access to regional lines and therefore to be connected to local cities but also to main lines such as TGV lines.
Finally,  Montpellier has its own airport which is also the 5th airport to be connected to the Air France shuttle network.


Like all modern cities today, Montpellier is not particularly part of one economic sector or another. However, there is a concentration of companies from the same sector, including luxury, agriculture, insurance, real estate and even health.


There are some big companies in Montpellier such as Dell, IBM or Engie. In addition, the city attracts a lot of entrepreneurs as one of the most attractive cities in France ranks for entrepreneurs classifying the city as number 5. There are a multitude of shopping centers distributed in the city and its surroundings among which we find the famous chain: Galeries Lafayette.


There are no less than 61 nursery schools and 62 primary schools in Montpellier. In addition, there are 25 middle schools and 15 high schools. With regard to higher education, the city notably hosts 70,000 students,  hich places Montpellier as the 7th university center in France. Some large schools come to register their name among the higher education schools of Montpellier, in particular Montpellier Business School or Montpellier SupAgro.

Real Estate

The average rent for an individual in Montpellier is € 180 m2 / year while for a professional the average rent is € 242 m2 / year. Finally, the average rent for an office € 144 m2 / year.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 1,154 restaurants in Montpellier for an average cost per meal of € 12. In addition, there are 56 hotels where the average cost per night is € 67.


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