City of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

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 Geography and population

Located in the Yvelines (78) region, just 10 km west of Paris, Saint Germain has a municipal population of 44,753. Its neighboring municipalities are Mesnil-le-Roi, Maison-Lafitt, Le Pecq, Chambourcy, Poissy, Mareil-Marly and Achères.


The city is ideally served by two national roads which are the RN 13 and the RN 184 giving it easy access to the two very close motorways, the A13 and the A14. In addition, St Germain is equipped with a station where the first line of France open to travelers was inaugurated. In order to have a complete transport offer, the bus network is added to the previous ones with 8 bus lines serving the whole city.


The tertiary sector is largely predominant in St Germain, we find in particular the service to businesses and individuals in the lead, administration, health and commerce follow. These sectors account for almost all of the jobs in the area.


Renowned thanks to its "open air shopping center", St Germain welcomes more than 800 established businesses in its downtown area, which gives the city a rather crazy economic dynamism. Shopping centers neighbors
give a hard time to traders who somehow retain their customers. These include the headquarters of Ford France, a branch of Bose France and many other internationally renowned companies.


Reporting to the Versailles Academy, St Germain hosts 40 primary and secondary schools. In terms of higher education, the city has opened Science Po St Germain or the IEP (Institut political studies). Finally, there is also a very famous business school which is Sup de Vente.

Real Estate

St Germain is one of the cities deemed fairly affluent, which is why for a trader, the average rent will amount to € 498 m2 / year, and for an individual his average rent will be around € 264 m2 / year. The offices at Saint-Germain costs on average to rent € 190 m2 / year.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 125 restaurants in Saint-Germain with an average budget of € 19. The hotel night costs an average of € 100. 


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