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Population and geography

Bordeaux, the ninth most populous city in France, it is located in the south-west of France, it has an interesting position, since it is on the edge of the Atlantic, and not far from the Spanish border. The city is located in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine under the department of Gironde of which it is the prefecture with the postal code 33. It is the economic and cultural capital of the Aquitaine region. Its municipal population was 249,712 inhabitants in 2015 and is part of an urban area composed of a population of 904,359 inhabitants in 2015. The bordering municipalities of Bordeaux are: Bruges, Bouscat, Eysines, Mérignac, Pessac, Tallence, Bègles, Floirac, Cenon, Lormont, Bassence and Blanquefort.


The Bordeaux metropolitan area is served by 5 motorways, namely: A10, A62, A63, A65 and A89. It is the road crossing point from northern Europe to the Spanish Atlantic coast. The urban transport network of the agglomeration is made up of 4 tram lines and 78 bus lines. The rail network links Bordeaux to Paris but also to Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Toulouse among others. The city also has its international airport, serving major French cities as well as the main European capitals in particular. River shuttles complete the public transport offer mainly for tourists. A fleet of 4,500 self-service bikes is made available to Bordeaux residents free of charge.


The agglomeration’s economy is largely based on strong sectors such as viticulture with 14,000 wine producers, industry, the service sector and tourism. Large companies are installed there like Ford, Dassault, Safran ...


The city has been the subject of numerous major urban projects in order to renovate and rethink the hyper center, which makes it an undeniable asset of the Bordeaux metropolis.EducationThe city of Bordeaux welcomes no less than 100,000 students, it is the fifth largest student city in France. These include: the University of Bordeaux, the National School of Magistrates or even the National School of Arts and Crafts.

Real estate

The average commercial rent is € 240 m2 / year while the average rent for individuals is € 180 m2 / year. The level of rent fluctuates according to the district in which you are located. Regarding office rent, it averages € 205 m2 / year and the average purchase price is € 4,366 / m2.

Hotels and restaurants

In Bordeaux, there are 65 hotels spread across the city with an average nightly price of € 89. In Bordeaux, there are 1,480 restaurants. We eat on average for 12 €, which is quite low thanks to the many fast food that lowers the average price of catering.


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