City of Rennes

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Population and geography

Rennes, the eleventh most populous city in France, it has an interesting position, since it is in the center of Brittany, not far from Nantes or Paris.
It is the capital of the Brittany region and is located in the Ille et Vilaine department (35).
Its municipal population is 216,815 inhabitants in 2017 and is part of an urban area composed of a population of 727,357 inhabitants in 2016.
The neighboring municipalities of Rennes are: Saint Grégoire, Betton, Cesson-Sévigné, Chantepie, Noyal Châtillon sur Seiche, Saint Jacques de la mande, Le Rheu, Vezin le Coquet, Montgermont, and Pacé. The commune of Vitré is also very close.


The metropolitan area is served by 1 motorway, namely: A84 and many national roads.
The urban transport network of the agglomeration is made up of 2 subway lines and numerous bus lines.
The rail network connects with the TGV Rennes to Paris. The city is also linked to Massy TGV, Le Mans, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Lyon Part Dieu or Lille.
The city also has its international airport, serving major French cities as well as the main European capitals in particular.
A fleet of self-service bikes is available to Rennes residents.


The agglomeration’s economy is largely based on strong sectors such as car manufacturing, but also telecommunications or IT.
It includes companies such as PSA, Samsic, Groupe Le Duff and even Orange.


With the arrival of the TGV in Rennes, many real estate projects are underway, including EuroRennes which provides for the construction of offices, housing and shops.


The city of Rennes welcomes around 65,000 students, making it the 8th student city in France. These include: the University of Rennes, Supélec, the École normale supérieure de Rennes and even Epitech.

Real Estate

The average commercial rent in Rennes is € 234 m2 / year while for an individual the average rent is € 156 m2 / year. As for offices, they cost on average to rent € 161 m2 / year and to buy m2 costs on average € 2,609.

Hotels and restaurants

There are over 700 restaurants in Rennes where the average meal budget is € 11.50. Also, 39 hotels are distributed in the city where the night costs on average 70 €.


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