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Geography and population

Fief of the Yvelines department (78) and capital of France under Louis XIV, Versailles has a current municipal population of around 85,862 inhabitants. Versailles is located 17 km from Paris. Its neighboring municipalities are Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole, Guyancourt, Buc, Jouy-en-Josas, Vélizy-Villacoublay, Viroflay, Vaucresson, Chesnay-Rocquencourt, Marne-la-Coquette and Ville d'Avray.


Versailles touches two national roads, the RN 10 linking Versailles Chartres to the Spanish border and the RN 12 connecting Vélizy to Brest. There are 3 stations in Versailles, the best known and the one that knows the biggest daily traffic: Versailles Chantiers (71,000 travelers per day), but also Versailles Château-Rive-Gauche (21,000 travelers per day) and finally Versailles-Rive-Droite. The municipality is served by a multitude of companies such as Transdev or RATP which allows it to crisscross the city entirely night and day.


The city of Versailles has 5 main activity sectors on which it relies to run its economy. We find tourism, particularly linked to the Palace of Versailles with more 3,000,000 visitors per year. The city being the capital of Yvelines is the seat and various administrations. It is also strongly represented in the teaching and research sector. In addition, defense-related activities include the headquarters of GIGN in Satory as well as the central
management of army equipment. Finally, commerce is also one of the driving sectors of the city.


Despite stiff competition with nearby shopping centers such as Chesnay and Vélizy, still located in its suburbs, the city center concentrates commercial pedestrian streets as well as numerous shops. The city
concentrates in total 1,700 shops which allows it to offer a rich and diversified commercial offer. We find for example Citroën Sport, Nature and discovery or Nexter.


The city is the seat of an academy operating in several departments for a total of 6 million inhabitants. In Versailles, there are 5 public colleges and 5 public high schools. Also two private colleges and 4 private high schools, to finish, there are also non-contract  institutes. Concerning higher studies, there are 4 preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles distributed in the different high schools. Also, the UVSQ and the higher school of economic intelligence have their main building in the city. Specialized schools have also emerged within the city of Versailles, such as the National Higher Landscape School.

Real Estate

The rents of the city of Versailles vary according to their position in the city. Concerning commercial rents we are on an average of 324 € m2 / year and for private rents they amount on average to 288 € m2 / year. The average rent for an office rental is € 259 m2 / year.

Hotels and restaurants

There are 298 restaurants there for an average budget of € 18. The average budget for a hotel night in Versailles is € 174.


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